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Medical Nutrition Therapy with Dr. Juliot Vinolia

Diet Therapy Just a call away

With our evidence-based approach and focus on sustainable lifestyle changes, we can help you make lasting improvements to your health and wellbeing.

Get tested Quality Nutrition Products & Herbal Teas

Our Recommendation
Get tested Quality Nutrition Products & Herbal Teas

BestSource® Nutrition has mission to introduce latest food and plant-based supplements for well-being of men, women, elders, officegoers, children with its ongoing research and development.

Get tested Quality Nutrition Products & Herbal Teas

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About Dr. Juliot Vinolia

Dr. Juliot Vinolia is a Licensed Registered Clinical Dietician, Research Scholar and Medical Nutrition Therapist, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates offering virtual, and one-one consults. She has extensive experience in the field of Clinical nutrition, particularly in the areas of Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, PCOD, Obesity Management, Autoimmune conditions, and Endocrinology.

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Integrated Nutritional approach to health

Proven methods that actually address your core health problems

My services

A better approach to health

Proven methods that actually address your core health problems

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Do you suffer from one or more of the following?
  • Unable to lose weight in spite of a low calorie diet, intermittent fasting, keto, paleo and exercise?
  • Dealing with digestive issues, bloating, heartburn and poor gut health?
  • Suffering from fatigue, body aches and chronic inflammation?
  • Your diabetes and cholesterol issues are uncontrolled even with medications?
  • Unable to eat healthy and exhausted due to your medical treatment, medications, chemotherapy or dialysis?
Healthy Story

“Dr.Juliot changed my perspective on eating and loosing weight

I truly wish I had met Dr. Juliot earlier. She changed my perspective on eating and losing weight. She explained the science behind how everything works and that made a huge difference for me. She spends time listening to your past history and checking blood reports to see what exactly could be the problem. She keeps me motivated and helps me out, even if that means keeping in contact outside work hours. I was never able to lose weight but within weeks of meeting Dr. Juliot, I lost a healthy amount of weight.

Success Stories & Testimonials

Her knowledge about relation between diet and overall health is exemplary. In addition, her medical advice are in common parlance and yet very effective

She completely understands my likes and dislikes, ready to listen and explain the changes that my body has been going thru within the phase 1, highly motivational and encouraging. Soft spoken and polite with the answers as many questions asked to her.

Provided me a personalized diet plan for my IGA Nephropathy steroid treatment. Best part of the diet plan is in regional based and easily understandable and easy to follow.