Flores Agreement Fact Sheet

Flores Agreement Fact Sheet: What You Need to Know

The Flores Agreement, signed in 1997, is a legal settlement that outlines the requirements for the detention, release, and treatment of minors who are apprehended by immigration authorities.

Here are some important facts about the Flores Agreement:

1. It applies to unaccompanied minors and minors who are in the custody of their parents or guardians.

2. The agreement requires that minors be released from detention without unnecessary delay, preferably to a parent or legal guardian.

3. If a suitable sponsor is not available, minors must be housed in a non-secure, licensed facility that is appropriate for children.

4. The Flores Agreement also sets standards for the conditions of detention, including access to medical care, personal hygiene items, and nutritious food and water.

5. Immigration authorities must provide education, recreation, and mental health services to minors in their custody.

6. The agreement requires that minors be held in the least restrictive setting possible.

7. In 2018, the Trump administration attempted to modify the Flores Agreement to allow for indefinite detention of minors in immigration custody. This proposal was met with widespread criticism and legal challenges.

8. In 2019, the Flores Agreement was amended to allow for longer detention of minors and to eliminate the requirement that minors be housed in licensed facilities.

9. The current administration has stated its intention to terminate the Flores Agreement and replace it with new regulations.

10. The Flores Agreement remains a critical component in protecting the rights and well-being of minors in immigration custody.

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